Taiwan a powerhouse for MedTech innovation

Updated: Feb 10

Last Friday I had the honour of speaking at the annual National Development Council meeting with TW foreign talents. I shared my experience living and working in Taiwan as well as the tremendous potential of Taiwanese MedTech.

I was missing badly living in Asia and also wanted to take a break from Canada. I thought, spending 6 months in Taiwan could be a great opportunity to re-ignite my local relationships and network from the times I lived and worked in Singapore, and perhaps create opportunities for my business. 

After the Covid-19 outbreak in China, I cancelled all my business trips to Shanghai, HK, Singapore and Europe and spent the next few weeks, in a dark void, examining the absurdity of wanting to take my business “global” in 2020. 

Then, in the strangest ways, things kept perfectly falling into place. By mid-June I was holding a gold card that would allow me to work, live and pay taxes in Taiwan, this is how Taiwan became the unplanned 2020 plan. An incredible door that spontaneously opened for me.

I’ll admit it. I still catch myself comparing with Singapore on my way out from my bank or my accountant’s office, but again just about any bureaucracy will fail the test if compared to Singapore. Then I have to attend a pitching event, visit an incubator, deliver a training at a local company to be mind blown by the creative energy, the technological and social innovation potential and the eagerness to contribute to the global scene that is unique to Taiwan. I am touched by the story of the Taiwanese people, their candour and fight for their seat at the table. I admire that and see a little bit of myself in there too. 

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