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This is me, Hasnaa...


...the founder of QARALOGIC, a strategist and creative leader with over a decade in regulated industries.


I have in-depth knowledge of MedTech regulatory and quality assurance operations, with the capacity to deliver challenging RA/QA projects under tight timelines and through complex transitions.


My record of building and successfully managing RA/QA teams combines with unmatched work experience across Asia, Europe, and North America.

I think a lot about rules and their origins and thrive in the in betweenness, a.k.a inter-disciplinary teams, a.k.a cracks between regulatory and science, regulatory and engineering, regulatory and business, regulatory and art, Medtech and art, business and Medtech, business and art and the list goes on...

Finally, I am an avid advocate of visible minorities in the Regulatory profession and a "reimaginer" of the Canadian Muslim female identity in STEM and visual arts.



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