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Hey there!

This is Hasnaa, Founder of QARALOGIC

Watch my interview with RAPS during Convergence 2022

We can help

With over 12 years in regulatory affairs and quality assurance, we have been a trusted guide helping numerous MedTech companies obtain and/or maintain market approvals with nimble proven strategies that assure right the first-time results.
Our clients
increase their speed to market, eliminate accumulated system inefficiencies, reduce overall RA/QA cost; and expand market coverage and access to more than a billion people with the CE mark alone.
For each of our clients
we demystify the regulations and provide a practical approach guaranteed to achieve agreed upon product and quality management certification goals.
Start today,
contact us to accelerate the effectiveness if your RA/QA work and advance medical care in your markets.

What is Unique about QARALOGIC

Our experience and skillset make us the ideal bridge to Europe and Asia

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Flag of the European Union in front of t
Image by Mike Hindle

North American

Industry Experience

EU Regulation Expertise

Based in Canada, with experience bringing North American MedTech innovation to Europe and Asia


​Mastery of US FDA and Health Canada  technical documentation including overlaps with EU requirements

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Experience CE Marking Medical Devices and dealing with EU Competent Authorities incl. export/import requirements


Qualified PRRC, educated in Europe and speaks English, French and German

Image by Michèle Eckert

One-stop Shop

Quality System

In-depth knowledge of MDSAP,  21 CFR 820 and ISO 13485:2016


Available for in-person audit support and experience with US FDA, Health Canada, ANVISA, NBs (G-MED, BSI, TUV, SGS) audits

Asian Market Knowledge

Experience qualifying OEMs and managing Distributors including product registrations


Experience working in Asia

(a total of 5 years)

Guaranteed Results

Assurance to achieve agreed upon product and quality management certification goals


We support from Fortune 500s to research institutes. Past companies we've helped include P&G, Livanova, BC Cancer, Novadaq, Stryker, Sanofi and I-MED Pharma

 So, why us instead of an EU-based consultant

We get often asked the question, and while we understand the logic behind your concern, there are crucial aspects to account for that only a North-America based EU regulations expert can help you with. This is particularly important to avoid redundancies in testing, technical documentation and overall certification process duplication which ultimately result in significant cost saving.

To help you think this through, we are happy to discuss key considerations you might want to account for when making your decision on the best advisors to take you through the CE Marking and company's global expansion.

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